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System and IT Audits
Most successful projects have timely audits as a part of their feedback systems. The marketing buzzword for this being ‘feed-forward’ helps Organization track any system failures or pitfall early in the implementation cycles, thus saving precious time and money. IT Audits are popular fare among long established projects to monitor the health of the IT organization and implement any changes (if required) in a timely manner. Our vast experience in managing and running IT organizations puts us the best position to give you unbiased and uniform advise. We also bring fresh perspectives and the best from industries around.
Concept to build consultancy
To develop a new product or service one need full visibility and control product data, documents, engineering change, quality management, eliminating disconnects between product development and supply chain activities, resource allocation over multiple projects and many more such activities. Our SAP expert will offer you an end-to–end consultancy.
CIO Advisory
CIO is a crucial function for any Organization. Studies show that less than 10% SMB’s have a dedicated CIO and most CEO also double up as the CIO. Cost was touted rated high on every SMB organizations list of reasons for a lack of a CIO. We are venturing into this niche area with a CIO Advisory services. One of our experienced senior managers will work with you as a CIO consultant to guide your IT investments and strategy.
Process Modeling and Re–engineering
Strong systems and processes are the corner stone for the success of any IT organization or a project. Due diligence in mapping out prevalent processes and implementing a systems based thinking early on in the project cycle ensure successful project implementation. We specialize in IT advisory services and especially in the areas of change management, Process re-engineering, Audits and implementation.
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