Smart Grid Solutions

Smart Grid Solutions

Scalable SCADA

NIPL SCADA software automation solution is designed to meet the functional, performance, availability and expandability requirements of Energy utilities that provides real-time supervisory control and data acquisition.

The system is based on a distributed client/server architecturewhich runs on the Linux operating system, is designed to internationally recognized standards in all areas of interconnectivity. The use of appropriate third-party hardware and software has been maximized in order to provide the most convenient means of system expansion and integration comply with applicable industry standards, are modular in design, and interact with the real-time database through a well-defined Real-Time Database Manager.

NIPL developed SCADA software automation solution is a field proven system that supports addressing of up to 99,999 stations, with up to 9,999 points each. In addition, there are 7 categories of points within the station so there are actually 9,999 points in each of the categories. Therefore, there is no artificial limit to the data capacity of the system – meaning it can grow with you without any re-licensing to accommodate larger database sizes.

The solution includes the graphical user interface that delivers state-of-the-art visualization to all system data, aiding staff in decision-making and network control. Also included is Survalent Explorer, our full-feature editing software, that allows users to create and modify the database, access points, and more.

Key Features:
  • Alarms
  • Responsibility Zone
  • Authentication & Access Control
  • Supports a wide range of open and legacy protocols
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Collection & Storage
  • Data Processing
  • Fully Scalable Master Station
  • Report Generation Capability
  • Database Editing Software
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Supervisory Control
  • System Sizing
  • Tag Management
  • Controllable User Rights

Substation and Equipment Maintenance Management

Substation and EquipmentMaintenance Management software is designed to help schedule, plan, manage, and track maintenance activities associated with equipment, vehicles or facilities.

A Substation and EquipmentMaintenance Management solution provides a central storage location for the majority of data and information for your Substation assets, manages and controls your work and materials management/parts usage processes and tracks maintenance activity over the lifecycle of an asset.

Maintenance, facilities and operations departments can use a this software to manage assets, work orders, work requests, preventive maintenance tasks, inventory and parts, condition monitoring, and maintenance schedules. All maintenance activities can be monitored and analyzed through robust Substation and EquipmentMaintenance Management reporting and dashboard tools.

Key Features:
Plan and Schedule Work

More efficiently manage your maintenance resources by establishing a process for planning and scheduling, monitoring the amount of proactive work, and developing work schedules for planned work.

Manage MRO Materials

Bridge the MRO reliability gap by designating critical and/or capital spare parts, tracking warranty information, and documenting processes for refurbishment/repair.

Track and Measure KPIs

Transform your Substation and EquipmentMaintenance Management data into meaningful insights and make data-driven decisions. Easily measure KPIs such as downtime, labor performance and wrench time.

Audit Processes for Continuous Improvement

Your Substation and EquipmentMaintenance Management should be treated as your most valuable asset, and continuous improvements should be evaluated year-after-year. To ensure you’re maximizing your value, reviews should be conducted on processes, data and workflows.

IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing

  • Application Management Service
  • Infra Management Service
  • Cloud Management Service
  • System Management Service
  • Security Operation Consulting Service
  • SAP Infrastructure Operation service
Application Management Service

The application operation service of NIPL provides services like the application operation, maintenance, function and functional improvement to the customer.

Infra Management Service

NIPL Infra Management service is equipped with expertise and competitiveness through network consulting and setup, operation and maintenance. NIPL implements high-level network architecture based on accumulated know-how and technologies, provides stable and optimized network environment and adds values to customers.

Cloud Management Service

NIPL provides server, storage, network, backup, security and managed serviced in real time. The customer, can quickly respond business changes and save IT infrastructure cost by receiving the required amount of services in real time.

System Management Service

The system operation service of NIPL supports uninterrupted IT operation 24-7 to internal and external enterprise business customers and provides overall IT infrastructure operation services from the server resources sizing to the hardware and software installation, maintenance, upgrade, patch, backup and restoration. NIPL provide distinct and qualified services for the efficient and stable business continuity.

Security Operation Consulting Service

Authentication consulting : Consulting to achieve certifications regarding local and foreign information protection and privacy information system management

Integrated information protection consulting : Set up the system to upgrade the intergrated information / private information protection management level for affiliates

Security compliance check : Check the compliance with regulatory agencies and overall regulations, security audit and compliance diagnosis

SAP Infrastructure Operation Service

NIPL understands a wide range of IT infrastructure of the SAP ERP system. The SAP Infrastructure Operation servicecovers the hardware sizing and entire system interface and supports the operation of the SAP installation, patch, user and license management, performance monitoring and tuning and link with the external interface.


Founded in 1999,Network Integrators (India) Pvt Ltd.has provided tailor-made solutions, consulting and outsourcing services to customers based on the know-how accumulated from diverse and global clientbase consists of small, midsized and enterprise organizations in industries such as manufacturing, services, energy and government.

As a medium sized, privately held firm, we can achieve a level of customer focus and accountability that’s difficult – if not impossible – for our typically much larger competitors to achieve. We partner with industry-leading solution providers and harness the latest technical and operational advances while getting the most out of existing automation infrastructure investments.

Ours is a fortunate culture of high standards, lifelong professional friendships and fresh ideas:

Looking back over that time, it’s amazing how much the technology in the industries NIPL serves has changed. What’s more satisfying what hasn’t changed at NIPL: the creativity to adapt to new trends, an ability to make technology serve the customer’s strategy and not the other way around, and a culture of people who believe in personal accountability with a global perspective.

Looking forward at the coming decades, the potential positive impact of automation technologies on global energy and material needs is astounding. Helping to engineer a smarter and more sustainable world is both a challenge and a privilege.

NIPL is now ISO 9001 and 27001 certified company

NIPL ISO 9001-2015 Certificate   NIPL ISO 27001-2013 Certificate


Global ICT creator for the future energy with smart technologies and services

Management Team

Mr. Vaibhav Mahajani

Managing Director

Vaibhav is responsible for the global operations of Infrastructure Management businesses. Vaibhav is responsible for Service Delivery, Technology & Practices as well as all Support Functions including HR, Information Systems, Facilities & Administration.

Vaibhav has been associated with Network Integrators since its inception in 1999 as a co-founding member and was instrumental in building the company across its various phases of evolution.

He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Electronics) and is a qualified Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) and ITIL Professional.

His interests are in Traveling, Reading & Playing Chess.

Mr. Xitij Joshi

Director and CEO

Xitij Joshi co-founded NIPL and has played key roles in building the company’s innovative approach to delivering Products, Services and Solutions. He is instrumental in setting up NIPL international business and Power Sector operations, driving expansion in Africa and Indian Sub continental regions.

Today, his mission as Director and CEO is to lead an expertise-led organization as a standard-bearer of the new wave of Power Sector technology solution providers.

Xitij completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Electronics & Telecom), Executive management programme from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad and is a qualified Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and ITIL Professional.

His interests are in Traveling & Playing Golf.

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